van dooren sisters

Share Eternity

2006, Van Dooren Sisters "Share Eternity":

Growing up we always sang and danced together so the idea of forming a band seemed pretty natural to us. In 2006 we released our debut album „Share Eternity“ with Gerth Medien, a german label. I have lots of fun memories of that chapter in my life. We performed at clubs, weddings and parties, festivals and churches for seven years. We wrote our songs together and I got to co-produce and arrange them in my home studio in Munich, Germany. Our biggest concert was at a christian festival „Christival 2008“ with a crowd of more than a thousand people. An album was released especially for this event, called „Jesus bewegt“. We participated with Kirk Franklin´s version of „Our God is an awesome God“ and supported all the other artists on the album as background singers.