not afraid

Not Afraid

2013, Debby van Dooren "Not Afraid"

It was always one of my dreams, to release an album with my own songs. I started writing songs at age 8, and I have tried to perfect my art of songwriting ever since. It was my goal to get a record deal when I was 12, but the German music industry always said my songs sounded too American for the German music market, and that they had too much of an R&B touch to them. That was all long before YouTube hit the internet and you could just upload your songs.

Meanwhile, I had started working together with my four sisters as a band. Our name was "Van Dooren Sisters."  We dropped our first album in 2006 and performed together for seven years. In 2013 it was a special year for me as my first solo album "Not Afraid," and my book with the same title "Not Afraid," hit the Christian music market. I was able to write and co-produce all 13 songs together with my producer, and keyboarder, Samuel Jersak.  The songs are a fresh mixture of Pop and R&B, with lyrics that tell my story. They are songs that encourage, comfort, and make you think about life.


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