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Debby´s life: Supermodels Contest Munich

by Debby van Dooren (comments: 0)

Supermodel Contest Munich

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a great week and could celebrate the weekend! I am going to watch a good movie this evening and try to recooperate from a busy week. We'll see !

Last Friday I received a phone call from an alumni "Voice" contestant, Shady Sheha. We discussed the possibility of doing a gig together in the future. On the next morning, I got a What's App message from him, asking if I could sing "tonight" (on the same day), to step in for another singer that had been booked for a "Supermodels Contest 2017" in Munich. What? ! I was completely busy that day with another project and would have to leave soon for the soundcheck downtown.

Because I am not usually a "cover song" singer, but perform my own songs, I had to quickly come up with a couple of songs that I already knew the words to and organize a playback. Thank God, I thought of the song "Halo" from Beyonce and "All of me" from John Legend. I think I had about 5 minutes to pack my suitcase with an outfit, make up and shoes, and then take off to the Marriot Hotel in Munich.

So crazy! Just the day before I had talked to Shady about possibily singing for him at a New Years party at the end of the year, and already the next day, I was standing with him on the stage to sing a duet! Pretty amazing!

When I arrived at the venue Shady was doing a soundcheck with his beautiful voice to the song "One moment in time." So we just continued then with practicing as a duet, "All of me." It was really cool how our voices immediately blended. The last time that I had sang a duet was at "The Voice of Germany" show with my "battle partner," named Can.

Then the organizer of the event asked me if I could also sing to open the show, which was awesome. So I had the opportunity to sing a couple of my own songs called "You give me music," and "Precious."

It was so cool performing on a cat walk stage! I loved every minute of it and was so thankful that I actually could sing my own songs, which isn't to be taken for granted, when you are a "newcomer!"

Backstage I had time to meet the older ladies called the, Meise Twins, who I had actually never heard of before, since they are from the "old school" German TV shows. That's also because I never watch TV, but am a YouTube junkie, ha ha! The event organizer was totally nice, and made me feel welcome, even though I was just jumping in at the last minute. And by the way. the girl who was my favorite model, won the contest! Maybe I should be a model scout, ha ha!

So as you can see, it was a big honor for me, (with such short notice) to be able to perform for this event. At the end of the contest there was of course, an "after show party" so I had to time to hang out with some of the people. By 1:30 am I was home, exhausted, but happy in my bed!

You are precious,



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