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Debby loves music: Jon Bellion - The Human Condition

by Debby van Dooren (comments: 0)

Jon Bellion - The Human Condition

Hey guys,

I hope you had a good week?! Mine was jam packed with a ton of things I had to prepare for my trip to Berlin next week. My producer and I will be working on the final mix of my new CD and on Tuesday I´ll be filming some videos, ah!

Since I´ve listened to my fave CDs way too often (One Republic´s „Oh my my“ and Dua Lipa´s EP) it was about time to finally get some new music! And since I´m pretty picky about what kind of music I like, it´s always so hard for me to find something I´ll actually buy…

So I watched a video of a singer on You Tube a few weeks ago who covered a song called „All time low“. I didn´t even watch the full video, until I started doing my research on whose song that was since I liked it so much! Once I watched about a million videos of Jon Bellion I ordered his album right away!

My favorite place to listen to new music is always in my car, when I´m all by myself! On my last trip to Nuernberg, where I had a concert, I finally had the time to enjoy this new music  that I discovered. I fell in love with the entire production of „The Human Condition“! You can tell how much love and effort was put into every single snair and bass drum! I love how creative each song was produced and arranged. You can even hear real strings and guitars which make the whole sound even richer (and it´s obvious that there was a lot of money put into the production)!

 „All time low“, „Guillotine“, „In the hands of God“, „80s films“ and „Maybe IDK“ are my fave songs! For me that´s a lot since I usually only like 2 or 3 songs of an album… I think it´s so cool that he performs so many different versions of his songs at radio and TV stations! His songwriting style and vocals totally reminded me of „21 pilots“. After checking out his tour schedule I realized that he actually was the supporting act for that band, haha! What a perfect match and way to promote him as a „new artist“!

Well, now that I´ve raved about how cool I think this dude is, here a few things that I don´t like about his album:

His lyrics are pretty extreme as already warned with the term „Explicit“ on his album cover. He swears on a lot of songs and what not…

In some interviews he´s mentioned that it was his wish to create an album that lots of different people would like. He compared it to „Disney Movies“ and how everybody loves them! (btw: that´s one of the reasons why his album cover was drawn to look like an animated movie). Um, I´m pretty sure his songs are NOT SUITABLE for children ,therefore it doesn´t make sense to me, to compare his music to Disney…? :( I think that´s so sad since his songs sound so fresh and yet I can´t play them to kids that would probably really like them!

Another thing that really bothers me is that in some songs he talks about his faith and how „God is so great“ and yet he swears in others and talks about things that really don´t align with God´s Word (Unless he´s talking about some other „God“.. ?) I think that´s pretty weird and confusing at the same time.

But I´ve been observing this new „trend“ in the music scene lately, especially in the States! Stars „praise God“ and talk about being „Christians“ and yet their lyrics and lifestyles are so far from what a true disciple would want to live like. I really don´t want to be judgemental, but it just saddens me that these people are influencing many young kids, and are portraying a very confusing and misleading picture of what a believer should live like (at least according to the Bible..) To mix Christian statements with a very obvious non-Christian lifestyle is illogical to me…

But you know what? That encouraged me to keep on writing songs with bold lyrics about what I believe, and it reminded me, to keep holding on to my vision for the music business. If „stars“ can write songs about whatever they want, why shouldn´t I be able to do that, too? ;)

So that's my resume of Jon Bellion´s „The Human Condition“:

I would definetely recommend Jon Bellion´s album to anyone (older than 18!) that loves cool, creative and fresh new music. I love his melodies and arrangements (even though I don´t sing along to all of his lyrics, haha ; )

Anyway, I hope you guys have a really fun weekend, and can listen to some inspiring and motivating music!

You are precious,



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