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Debby loves music: "Camila" OUT NOW!

by Debby van Dooren (comments: 0)


Hey guys,

I´m so excited to be able to share my new song "Camila" with you! You can go listen to it HERE (Spotify) or on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play or Deezer!

Even though I write weekly blogs, they´re usually in German and due to time I only translate a few of them, ah! I really wanted to share the story behind my new song "Camila" (named after the singer Camila Cabello) with you since it´s kind of unusual to have a song be named after a celebrity I guess...

Anyway, here it is:

I knew at a very young age that I wanted to become a singer and songwriter. Growing up I had several dreams that seemed so vivid, casually talking to Michel Jackson or Mariah Carey backstage like we were best friends, therefore I thought I´d probably actually meet them one day…

In the beginning of this year Camila Cabello caught my attention through lots of fun and interesting interviews where she kept mentioning how fake the music industry and people can be sometimes. She seemed so normal and nice which lead me to thinking: “Hey, I bet we would have a lot of fun together and have some great REAL talk!” After listening to her song “Real friends” (which is one of my faves off her album btw!) I was inspired to write “Camila”. It´s basically my true story with the desire of actually meeting these “celebs” based on my childhood dreams combined with the crazy surreal idea of causally hanging out with Camila as "real friends". 

I wrote and recorded the song in my home studio as a demo version and then let the Munich based producer, Adrian Louis, put his own vibe to it! We had so much fun working together in the studio and I hope the music will make u want to turn up the music and dance with your friends ; )

Nowadays many artists seem to be all “sexy, cool n serious” with their image. That´s just not me or my personality, so I wanted to portrait the opposite of it in this song and especially in my music video “Camila” which will officially be released on June, 10th!

Make sure to have a listen to my new song of my upcoming album, which will be released in 2019! Of course I´d also appreciate your honest feedback on it ; )

Have a great weekend,

Let´s shine,



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