At the age of three, Debby who is half German and half American, (with Dutch and Egyptian roots), decided to become a singer and hasn't changed her mind since. Her father Thomas van Dooren, who grew up in Berlin, was a pastor, and worked as a songwriter and translator. His American wife, Kristine (from California), supported her husband as a pastor´s wife and encouraged all five girls in their creative talents. She also helped by working as manager and photographer for them.

Debby wrote her first song at the age of eight, recording her own playback with a cassette player, by snapping the beat with her fingers. She sang using her first playback, to her astonished family. They realized, there was nothing else to do but to encourage that girl to keep writing songs! From the age of 5, she had various jobs in advertising ads, TV series, films, modeling for children's fashion, plus singing and speaking as a voice-over actor.

Since her oldest sister was a singer and had her own band, she was introduced to life on stage, as a background singer and dancer. The concerts included her three other sisters. It was always Debby's dream, to hold concerts all over the world, and release songs with deeper meanings rather than the typical pop song themes.

When she was nine, she auditioned and got the part, to be the front girl of a Pop/Hip-Hop girl group by the name of „Sista Sista.“ She got to experience the life of touring as supporting act, for Michael Jackson´s nephews „3T“ all over Germany. This included doing interviews, photo sessions, and signing autographs for fans. All the time, with the help of various producers, she kept on working on her own songs. The record companies' feedback however, was always that her songs sounded too American, and that she was too young for the German music industry. The style of her music, (being a mixture of Pop and R&B), was influenced by her musical role models Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and Destiny´s Child.

When she turned 11, she landed the lead role in the musical „Just one world,“ which meant she had to move with her mother to another city for several months. Shortly after it closed, she had the opportunity to play the part of „Annie“ back in her home town of Munich.

Once Debby turned 14, she and her sisters decided to start a band called the „Van Dooren Sisters.“ Their mother, Kristine van Dooren, worked as their manager. Their album was released in 2006 through a Christian label. Debby wrote all the songs together with her sisters, and co-produced them in her home studio. She fell in love with the process of finding the right harmonies, and arranged the vocals for each sister. They performed all over Germany for seven years. Debby continued working as an actress for several TV productions, worked at H&M, and started writing songs for other artists as well. She composes most of her songs on the piano, but some of her random melodies and phrases that she records on her phone, also end up becoming a song.

In 2013, one of Debby´s dreams came true, when she released her first solo album „Not Afraid.“ Aside from the album, she also released her autobiography of the same title. She writes about losing her father to cancer at the age of 13, becoming a mother at the young age of 18, and the sudden, terminal hearing loss of her left ear. Simultaneously, she started blogging about her experiences, for a Christian teen magazine „teensmag.“

Since then she has been giving concerts on her own, or together with her band. They have performed throughout Germany in schools, youth centers, festivals, churches and many more. The audience gets to experience Debby, on a very personal and emotional level, when she talks about her personal highs and lows in life, as these are some of the themes of her songs.

In 2015, she had the amazing experience of being a contestant on "The Voice" (of Germany). She made it through to the "battles." She got to experience the privilege of becoming Disney´s German singing Voice in the lead role of "Moana" in 2016.

Her new EP "The Underdog" was released in 2017 which she has been promoting live all over Germany! People have been inspired to cover her second single "Pray". 

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