Surrounded mostly by people older than her, Debby van Dooren grew up always hearing what people expected her to do in her musical career as well as her personal life. Adopting a masquerade, she was forced to hide her true feelings and desires, even more after her dad died when she was just 13 years old. Though her bubbly and inspiring personality might not show what´s written in between the lines, the artist‘s songs reveal a glimpse of a vulnerable yet profound core. Sitting in her home studio, writing and producing songs since she was 14 years old, is her way of telling listeners about her hidden secrets, with lyrics that let you unravel her thoughts and desires piece by piece. The German-American singer combines a feel of Indie-Pop with her love for RnB vocals longing to connect with truth seekers all around the world. As the youngest of five daughters, Debby van Dooren already grew up singing, dancing and writing songs at a very young age. Debby was mostly influenced by her German father who played several instruments and always encouraged her to follow her passion for music. Though she grew up in Germany, Debby‘s native tongue is English as her mother is a Cali girl. At the age of eight, young Debby wrote her very first song, recorded it onto her tape player with a homemade beat and self-made background vocals and then performed it at a family party. From that point on, she started putting her true feelings, questions and longings into her lyrics and music. „Being half- German and half-American, I would constantly try to fit in“, the artist explains. „Creating and composing my own songs has always been my secret escape. A place I could safely unfold in an unsteady world.“ Working through the highs and lows of life, Debby always tries to be as honest as possible in her lyrics, opening up to her listeners through her vulnerable, yet profound tunes, longing to connect with truth seekers
around the world. After trying several ways to co-produce her music while still portraying her original sound, the singer and songwriter finally found the courage to just do it all by herself. „I know, I am not the best producer out there yet, first and foremost I am an artist and there is so much I´d still love to dive into“ Debby explains. “But I guess I´ve finally come to the point where I want to share these homemade songs with my listeners - there is nothing in my songs, that
is not me. I see this as a fresh start, even though I have already been performing my entire life.” If you don´t find Debby hiding away in her home studio working on new music, you know she will be performing on stage mesmerizing the crowd with her dazzling and ener getic charisma.