Debby van Dooren is a German-American singer, songwriter and voice over artist.

She grew up singing and performing with her family as the youngest of five girls. By the age of eight she had already  written her first song, recording background vocals on a cassette recorder as her makeshift playback. Debby joined a hip hop girlband as the front singer, starred in musicals and started working as a German voice over artist as a child ("Lion King 2- Kiara", "Ariel 2 - Melody", "Prince of Egypt - young Miriam" and many more).

 In 2013 she released her debut album "Not Afraid" and released her EP "The Underdog" that she also co-produced after being a contestant on "The Voice of Germany (2015)" in 2017. Aside of releasing her own music Debby had the amazing opportunity of lending her mesmerizing vocals to Disney´s German "Moana" ("Vaiana") in 2016. One year later you could hear her as Zendaya´s German singing-voice in the motion picture "Smallfoot" (2018). 

Debby decided to take her music into her own hands in 2019 and started producing her songs in her basement home studio.

This led to the artist giving herself the alias DEVADO. She is currently working on 2020s releases including an EP. If you would like to hear Debby´s new music, make sure to follow DEVADO on Spotify, Apple Music, her social media channels and subscribe to her newsletter on 



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